How do I get help or assistance?

For Cal State Fullerton faculty, here are some options available for getting assistance with your course in Canvas.

Canvas Support

Canvas help page

Canvas support offers the following types of support:

  • Guides and and LMS Community where you can find some answers to your questions
  • Chat with Canvas Support for Faculty - you will need to log in to Canvas to participate in a support chat
  • Canvas Support Hotline - this phone number is only available if you log in to Canvas.
  • Report a Problem - email support where you can report any issues that you have with your course.

Log in to Canvas in order to click on the link to one type of support.

LMS Admin

The LMS Admin team can assist with issues of components of Canvas not working as they were meant to. They can also assist with faculty or students not being properly enrolled in the course.

[email protected]

FDC Canvas Consultants

The Faculty Development Center offers Canvas Consultants to advise and assist you in implementing best practices for teaching online. These consultants also offers support for connecting external tools to your course, such as ShareStream videos, VoiceThread, and Zoom.

Currently the best way to contact us is via email: [email protected] or visit the FDC website.