What is ShareStream? An Introduction

ShareStream is a video streaming service connected to your course in Canvas.

What can I do with a video in ShareStream?

You can upload Zoom recordings (and other self-made videos). You can maintain a repository of videos from DVDs that you use in your teaching. For DVD conversion requests, contact [email protected]

Videos in ShareStream are only viewable to students who are enrolled in your course.

How do I use ShareStream?

Here are some ideas for using video in your teaching:

  • Record a short video lecture in Zoom or Camtasia to share with students. You can share in a Page, a Quiz, an Assignment or a Discussion, depending upon the type of interaction/response you want from your students.
  • Record a Q&A or Review session in Zoom to share with your students who need to review.
  • Share a video clip from a movie, documentary or other source for student discussion.

What if I need assistance?

Contact the Online Education and Training office. We are here to assist you in creating and delivering higher quality online instruction.

Online Education and Training

Email: [email protected]

IT HelpDesk (for faculty): 657-278-7777