How are pronouns displayed in Canvas?

Up to 12 hours after users modify their preferred pronouns in Titan Online, the data will become visible in Canvas.

User Profile Screens

Pronoun info is visible in your user profile page next to your name.

Pronouns are highlighted next to the student's name in the profile page

People Tab in Courses

If a user has entered pronoun data, it appears after their name in the course People tab.

Pronouns are highlighted after enrolled user names

Inbox Conversations

Pronoun information for sender and recipient is visible within Inbox conversations.

Pronouns are highlighted after the sender and recipient names

Discussion Posts

Pronouns are displayed after user names within discussion activities.  

Pronouns are highlighted after user names in a discussion activity

Pronouns may be displayed in other locations as Canvas releases system updates.

You have learned how pronouns are displayed in Canvas.