How do I create a Turnitin (External Tool) assignment?

You will learn how to create a Turnitin External Tool Assignment (called Turnitin Assignment in Canvas) in your course in Canvas. There are two types of Turnitin assignments which can be used in your course: Turnitin Framework and Turnitin Assignment.

Follow these steps to create a Turnitin External tool assignment.

1. Enter your course in Canvas.

course main page
Assignments navigation link selected

3. Click +Assignment button.

+Assignment button selected

4. Type the Activity name.

Name field selected

5. Type instructions for the students.

Textbox selected

6. Set grade points.

Note: You will need to set the same number of grade points in Step 14 below.

Points field selected

7. Set Submission Type to External Tool.

External tool selected

8. Click Find.

You can also check "Load this tool in a new tab" to load the Turnitin assignment in a new window. Loading in a new window will give you and your students more viewing space. This is sometimes helpful for users on a smaller (or smaller resolution) laptop.

Find button selected

9. In the Configure External Tool scroll down to choose "Turnitin Assignment".

Tip: You may need to expand the size of the dialog box to be able to easily scroll through the list of external tools.

Turnitin Assignment selected

10. Click the Select button at the bottom.

Select button selected

11. Click on Save at the bottom.

Save button selected

12. Turnitin External Tool Assignment now open.

Turnitin webpage

13. Click on the Settings tab.

Settings tab is selected.

14. Adjust the Maximum Grade, the Start date, the Due date, and Feedback release date.

Be sure to set the Max Grade field to be the same integer as you did in Step 5 above. The Start date must be before the Due date. Likewise, the Due date must be on or before the Feedback release date. The Feedback release date determines when students will see their grades and comments from within the Turnitin link.

Maximum grade field is selected.

15. Enable PeerMark if desired.

Read the guide on using PeerMark if you want to learn more about it.

PeerMark link

16. Select Optional settings if desired.

Read this guide to learn how to use the Optional Settings.

The default Optional settings are fine for most Turnitin assignments. However, you may want to add a rubric or allow late submissions or allow students to view the Similarity Report. In those cases, you can then click on Optional settings.

Optional Settings link

17. Click on Submit when you are finished.

Submit button is selected.

18. Settings saved is displayed.

Settings were saved successfully

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a Turnitin External Tool assignment to your course in Canvas.