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How do I add a Zoom recording to Canvas with Studio and Captions?

You will learn the process for recording a Zoom session, then uploading it to Canvas, and adding captions.

1. Activate your CSUF Zoom Account.

If this is your first time using Zoom at CSUF, activate your campus account with the steps in our CSUF Zoom Activation Guide.

Zoom app in CSUF portal

2. Create a Zoom meeting.

Details on setting up a more secure Zoom meeting are available in our Creating Secure Zoom Meetings Guide.

Schedule a New Meeting is Highlighted

3. Record the Zoom meeting.

Steps for starting a recording are available in the  Zoom Record a Meeting Guide.

Make sure to let the participants know you will be starting the recording. Additional guidance is available in the CSU Virtual Learning pdf document.

4. Locate the Recording File.

When the meeting ends, the recording file will be stored in your computer's "Documents" folder unless you specified another location. Details on Zoom recording files are available at  Zoom Recording File Guide.

Documents is highlighted

5. Upload the Video to Canvas Studio

Steps for uploading the recording to Canvas Studio are available in our Canvas Studio Upload Guide.

A video file being dragged to upload section

6. Add automatic captions to the Studio Video.

Canvas studio can automatically generate relatively good captions. Get details in our Canvas Studio Auto Captions Guide.

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7. Edit the Captions.

If possible, check the captions for accuracy and make corrections. Details are available in our Editing Canvas Studio Captions Guide.

8. Post the Studio video in your Canvas course.

Embedding the video(s) in a Page in your Canvas course is a great option for sharing it with your class. Get details in our Embedding a Canvas Studio Video Guide.

A studio video is highlighted

Article Summary

You have learned about creating a Zoom recording and posting it in your Canvas course.