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How do I use the Zoom menu item in my course?

You will learn how to use the Zoom menu item to provide your students will a list of the Zoom meetings that you have set up for your course.

Follow this guide to add the ZOOM menu item to your course.

1. Click on the Zoom menu item.

Zoom menu item

2. You should now be logged in to your own Zoom account.

Zoom interface displays

3. Click on Schedule a New Meeting.

Schedule a New Meeting button

Check out Zoom's guide on Changing your meeting settings.

4. Set the time and date for the first Zoom session.

Time and date settings

5. Tick the Recurring meeting tick box.

Recurring meeting tick box

6. Select Weekly.

Weekly selected

7. Select the days of the week and the end date for the Zoom sessions.

Days of the week selected

8. Decide whether to require registration.

Registration section

9. Decide on whether to use a Passcode, Waiting room, or authenticated users.

Security section

10. Decide on video and audio options.

Video and Audio section

11. Decide on Meeting options.

Meeting Options

12. Decide on Alternative Hosts

Alternative Hosts section

13. Click on Save.

Save button

14. Upload a poll if desired.

Import CSV
Zoom menu item link

16. The Zoom recurring meeting session now appear.

Zoom meeting schedule appears

17. Click on the Start button when you are ready to enter the Zoom session.

Start button selected
What does a student see?

When students log into the course, they can take the following steps to join your Zoom session.

1. Click on Zoom menu item.

Zoom menu item (2)

2. All upcoming Zoom sessions for the course will display.

Zoom sessions

3. Click on the Join button.

Join button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to set a recurring Zoom meeting for your students to see when they click on the Zoom menu item in your course.