How do I create a clip of my video in ShareStream?

You will learn how to create one or more clips of your video for use in your course in Canvas.

For example, if you want your students to view a clip of a video rather than the entire video, this feature can help you do that.

Follow these steps after you have uploaded at least one video (or the Pollak Library has uploaded a video for you).

1. Log in to the ShareStream MediaManager.

Go to to access the ShareStream MediaManager.

MediaManager Login page

2. Click on Login.

Login button

3. Enter your CSUF Portal login username and password.

CSUF Portal

4. Complete the DUO authorization using your mobile phone.

DUO window

If you don't know which course it is in, you can type the name of the video in the Search box to find its location.

Note that this video is located in the "Learning in ShareStream in Canvas 2" course.

Learning in ShareStream 2 course selected

6. Right-mouse click on the desired video.

video menu appears

7. Select Create Video-Clips from the menu.

Create Video-Clips is selected.

8. Click on the Play button to preview the video.

Previewing the video will help you to get the start and end time codes.

Play button is selected.

9. Type a title for the clip.

Clip Name field is selected.

10. Type the Start time code for the clip.

The time code format is two digits for the hour, a colon, two digits for the minutes, a colon, then two digits for the seconds.

So, to start at the beginning of the video, use the time code of 00:00:00.

To start of 25 minutes into the video, use the time code of 00:25:00.

Start Time field is selected.

11. Type an End time code for the clip.

In this sample, the clip is set to end at 10 minutes into the video, so the end time code is 00:10:00. To end the clip at one hour, 5 minutes, and 19 seconds, use the time code of 01:05:19.

End Time field is selected.

12. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

13. Click on OK.

OK button is selected.

14. The clip is now listed in your course folder.

The captions will work in the Pick n Play and in the Rich Content Editor, but not in the MediaManager.

The video clip title displays in the mediamanager.

This clip can now be used by you or your students in the Pick-n-Play block or embedded into a Page, Discussion or Assignment in your course. Follow one of these guides:

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a clip of your video file in ShareStream for use in your course in Canvas.