How do I upload a video to ShareStream Pick-n-Play?

You will learn how to upload a video to ShareStream in order to share the video with your students in your course in Canvas.

Follow these steps after you have added the ShareStream Course Media navigation item to your course.

1. Click on the ShareStream Course Media navigation item in your course.

ShareStream Course Media is selected

2. Click on Add Media.

Add Media

3. Select Upload.

Upload button selected

4. Drag your video file to the upload area.

You can upload up to 10 videos per batch. However, of course, the more videos you try to upload at one time, the longer you will have to wait for the process to complete.

Upload area selected

5. Click on Select All.

If you are already have a captions file for your video, you can click on Skip instead.

Select All tickbox selected

6. Click on Generate Captions.

Although the auto generated captions aren't very good, they may still be better than no captions. The best captions are human edited.

Generate Captions button selected

7. Change the Name, Description, and Contributor if desired.

Type new information into the Name, Description or Contributor fields as desired. When finished, click on the Apply Changes button.

Vide uploading

8. Click on Publish Asset.

When the video has uploaded and the transcoding process is complete, you will see the Publish Asset button. The longer the video you are uploading, the longer it will take to upload and transcode. Be patient and upload any videos ahead of time if possible.

Publish Asset button selected

9. Click on Publish Asset.

Publish Asset button selected (2)

10. The video has now been uploaded.

checkmark displays when upload completed.

Students can now view the video when they click on the ShareStream Course Media navigation item or you can embed this video in any textbox or use the External tool to create a link within a Module.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a video to Sharestream for use in your course in Canvas.