How do I embed a ShareStream video into a Page?

You will learn how to embed a ShareStream video in the Rich Content Editor within a Page, Discussion, Assignment, Quiz question, etc. The process is the same for any textbox (Rich Content Editor) within your course in Canvas.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the + icon.

+ icon selected

3. Click on the dropdown menu.

Dropdown menu selected

4. Select Page.

Tip: Likewise, if you select one of the other items, such as Assignment, Quiz, or Discussion, you can add a ShareStream video into the textbox there.

Page selected

5. Type a name for the Page.

[New Page] is selected

6. Click on Add Item.

Add Item button is selected

7. Click on the name of the Page.

'Yosemite' link is selected

8. Click on Edit.

Edit button selected

9. Click on the three dots (More) icon.

More is selected

10. Click on the Apps icon.

Apps icons is selected

11. Select ShareStream Media.

ShareStream Media is selected

12. Type part of the title in the Search field.

If you do not have any ShareStream videos in this course, you can use the Course Media Copy Wizard to copy videos from a previous course (Canvas or TITANium), or you can upload a new video using the Upload button.

Search field is selected

13. Click on the Search icon.

Search icon selected

14. Click on the desired video.

Yosemite video is selected

15. Click on Add.

Add button selected

16. Add text or other elements to the textbox as desired.

Textbox is selected

17. Click on Save & Publish.

However, if you are not yet ready for students to see this Page, then simply click on Save.

Save & Publish button selected

18. The video is now embedded in the Page.

Remember to click on the play button to verify that the video plays as desired. Links should always be verified.

video displayed within the Page textbox

Article Summary

You have now learned how to embed a ShareStream video into a Page.