How do I connect ShareStream and Zoom?

You will learn that before you can record or import a Zoom into ShareStream, you must first connect ShareStream and Zoom so that they can "talk" to each other.

This will allow ShareStream to import your existing Zoom Cloud recordings and will also allow it to start a Zoom meeting for the purpose of recording it.

ShareSTream Course Media link

2. Click on Add Media.

Add Media button

3. Select Record.

Record is selected

4. Click on Connect Zoom Account.

Connect Zoom Account button

5. Click SSO.

SSO link

6. Type 'fullerton'.

Company Domain name

7. Enter your CSUF Portal username and password.

CSUF Portal

8. Tick the box to allow shared access.

box to allow shared access

9. Click on Allow.

Allow button

10. You should receive an email from Zoom.

email received

Your ShareStream account can now access your Zoom Cloud recordings and can also initiate a Zoom meeting.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to connect your ShareStream account and your Zoom account, so that ShareStream can request a Zoom meeting and can copy a Zoom Cloud recording to your ShareStream account.