How do I manually enter an Answer Key into ParScore?

You will learn how to manually enter the Answer Key for an exam into ParScore.

Follow these steps after you have created a Course and a Score Column within that course.

1. In ParScore open your course in the Course List.

Double-click on your course title in the Course List or select the course and click on Open.

Intro to Space is selected

2. Click on the Keys tab.

Keys tab

3. Remove any unneeded versions from the Version list.

By default, for each Score Column you add, four versions are created (Version A, B, C, D). This means that you will need to create and scan one Answer Key for each version of your test/quiz/exam. If you are giving four versions of the same test, you will need four different keys: one for version A, one for version B, one for version C and one for version D.

If you are only giving one version of your test (or less than four versions), be sure to remove the other versions from the Version list by selecting each version individually and clicking on the Remove button.

Remove button

4. Select the Category and Version for the Answer Key.

Select the Category and Version for the Answer Key.

5. Click on the Edit Answer Keys icon.

Edit Answer Keys icon

6. Click the Add button in the Edit Answer Keys pop-up box.

Add button

7. Enter the number of question items for your Key.

number of questions

8. Click OK.

OK button

9. Click on each question item and enter a correct answer for it.

Answer column

10. Click OK.

Once you have entered the answer to each question, click on OK.

OK button (2)

11. The Keys tab is now populated with the correct answer for the selected Version.

Repeat the process for each Answer Key version for that quiz/exam.

Keys tab has all answers

12. Set how the scanner should treat multiple marks on a student's answer sheet.

There are two choices.

And (e.g. A+B)

This choice will treat multiple marks for the same question as an incorrect choice.

Or (e.g. AB)

This choice will treat multiple marks for the same question as a multiple answer question - meaning that more than one answer should be chosen.

Note: You can set And (e.g. A+B) or Or (e.g. AB) on a question by question basis if your Answer Key has more than one answer choice marked as correct for a given question.

And (e.g. A + B) selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to manually enter an Answer Key(s) for an quiz/exam in ParScore.