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How do I create a screen capture or webcam video in Studio?

You will learn how to create a screen capture with audio and webcam in Canvas Studio. That screen capture can then be embedded in the Rich Content Editor in a Page, Assignment, Discussion or Quiz.

1. Log in to Canvas and click on the Studio icon.

Studio icon selected

2. Click on Record.

Record button selected

3. Select Screen Capture.

Screen capture selected

4. Tick the box to always allow.

You might not have this tick box. It depends upon which browser you are using and whether you have other screen recorders installed. If you have a different screen recorder installed, you will need to click on Choose a different application then navigate to that app.

If using Firefox, click on the tick box to always allow.
Open Link button

6. Click on the Gear icon.

Gear icon

7. Change the selections as desired such as screen only, webcam only or both.

video options: screen, webcam, both

8. Test that the audio works.

Talking into the mic should cause the green bars to appear.

Audio indicator

9. Click on the Record button.

Rec button

10. Click on the Pause button when you are finished narrating.

Pause button

11. Type a title and description (if desired) for the video.

Title field

12. Click on Edit.

If you do not want to do any editing, then simply click on the Upload button instead and continue from there.

Edit button

13. Click on Cut.

Cut button

14. Adjust the bar and click on OK.

OK button

15. Repeat in order to trim the back end off the video.

trimming the end of the video

16. There are lots of tools you can use by clicking on the Tools button.

Tools button

17. Decide whether to keep the cursor visible, add music, etc.

options: canvas size, narration, music, cursor, webcam

18. Click on Done.

Done button

19. Click on Upload.

Upload button

20. Click on Continue.

Continue button

21. Your new video is now in your Studio library.

You can then embed the video in a Page, Discussion, Assignment or Quiz. You can also make a quiz for the video as a quick knowledge check.

Don't forget to set Canvas Studio to auto-create captions.

video card displays in My Library in Studio

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a screen capture recording in Canvas Studio.