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What is Canvas Badges (Badgr)? - Resource Page

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What is a Badge?

A badge is a digital representation of an accomplishment. The criteria to earn a badge is set by the program, and learners must complete the required tasks or modules to earn each badge. Badges can be shared on social media or other digital platforms, allowing you to showcase your skills, interests, and capabilities. 

What is Badgr?

Badgr, now known as Canvas Badges, is a micro-credentialing software integrated into the Canvas LMS that allows programs across Cal State Fullerton to issue badges to learners that have completed specific tasks, modules, or courses. 

Note: There are two types of micro-credentialing tools: Canvas Badges and Canvas Credentials. CSUF only has the Canvas Badges free license.

How can I create Badges and use them in my course?

Tip: Please refer to these step-by-step guides below (in order):

How do I know if I have received a Badge?

Canvas Badges will send you an email when you have been awarded a badge. To claim badges, you will need to create a Canvas Badges account where your badges will be stored. Please use the same email address across different badge earning activities and programs to ensure your badges are all stored together. Your Canvas Badges account will store badges received by Vanderbilt programs, but also any badges from other organization awarding badges through Canvas Badges.

What can I do with my Badge?

Once you create your Canvas Badges account and access your badge Backpack, you can:

• Share the badge on social media or other digital platforms
• Download your badge
• Print a certificate of your badge
• Remove the badge from your account
• View the public page of your badge

How do I share my Badge?

Badges can be shared on LinkedIn*, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each badge has a unique badge URL and HTML code that you can use to embed the badge. 

  1. Login to Canvas Badges
  2. Click on Share
  3. Choose how you want to share your badge and follow prompts to complete the share
  4. Click on the badge you want to share

*You can manually add a badge to your LinkedIn profile under Licenses and Certificates, using the badge URL as the Credential URL. You can also select the Share to Profile option in the badge sharing options. We recommend changing the Issuing Organization to the program that issued your badge or, if they are not on LinkedIn, select Cal State University, Fullerton

Please note when sharing a badge that the Show email address option is checked. This will publicly show the email address associated with your Canvas Badges account to anyone viewing the public URL of your badge. If you don’t want your email address to show, uncheck the box before you copy the badge URL, share it on social media, or use the embed code. 

If your LinkedIn or other social media account has a different login email than your Canvas Badges account, you may need to add that email to your Canvas Badges account to share the badge. Please see Managing your Canvas Badges account for information on adding an additional email address to your Canvas Badges account.

How do I print my Badge certificate?

Not all programs allow for printable badge certificates. If your program has certificate printing enabled, click on the badge you want to print, click on the three dots next to Share, and select Print Certificate.

What is a Pathway?

A pathway is a sequence of badges that lead to a master badge of completion. You can view pathways you have been subscribed to on the homepage of your Canvas Badges account. Simply click on the name of the pathway to view your progress. The pathway completion badge will be automatically issued to you once all the steps of the pathway have been completed.