How Can I Design a Badge? [Step 2]

In this guide, we will introduce to you the free open-source website for creating and designing unique badges that you can upload to your Canvas courses and issue to your students.

Accredible's OpenBadge Compliant Digital Badges

Here is the free open-source website that you may use to create and design your digital badges: Badge Designer.

View the image below of the interface for Accredible's Badge Designer page. You can immediately start designing your badge and you will have the ability to save and download it as either a PNG file or SVG file.

badge design front page

Badge Designer Walk-Through Video (5:31)

This video is a walk-through on how to use the Badge Designer. We'll show you how you can make a badge here.

Next Steps

View the remaining steps below on how you can add your badge to your course:

  1. How do I upload my newly created badge to my Canvas Badges account?
  2. How do I add a badge to my Canvas course?