How do I create a group Assignment using VoiceThread?

You will learn how to make a group Assignment where you want to separate students into groups to participate in a VoiceThread activity.

Unfortunately, Canvas does not support Groups in Assignments that use an LTI (like VoiceThread, SoftChalk, GoReact, etc.), so we have to use Sections as a workaround.

1. Create the desired number of Sections.

Follow these steps to learn how to create new sections for your course.

1.1. Upon entering your course, click on Settings.

Settings link selected

1.2. Click on the Sections tab.

Sections tab

1.3. Type the name of the new section.

+ Section field

1.4. Click on + Section.

+ Section button

1.5. Add the additional names for your new sections.

Tip: Create one section for each "group" of students.

+ Section field (2)

You have now created the desired number of Sections for your course.

2. Add students to Sections.

Follow these steps to add students to specific sections (like you would for groups).

2.1. Click on People.

People navigation item

2.2. Click on the Three Dots menu.

Follow this process for each student.

Three Dots menu

2.3. Click on browse.

Likewise, you could simply start to type in the name of the section and select the appropriate section from the list which will display.

browse button.

2.4. Select Edit Sections.

Edit Sections is selected

2.5. Select the appropriate section.

Group B selected

2.6. Click on Update.

Update button

2.7. Note that this student is now in two sections.

The student will still be in the original section (usually in the format of Fall 2021 CAS 101 01 12345).

two section names display
3. Create the Assignment.

Follow one of these guides to create the type of Assignment you want to use:

4. Use 'Assign to' for each Section.

Follow these steps to learn how to customize the "Assign to' section of an Assignment.

Assignment link selected

4.2. Click on Edit Assignment Settings.

Edit Assignment Settings button

4.3. Scroll down to the Assign to section.

Assign to

4.4. Click on the field for who to assign to this Assignment.

Assign to field selected

4.5. Select the name of the Section you want to assign this Assignment to.

Group B section selected

4.6. Click on the X for Everyone Else

X selected for Everyone Else

4.7. Click on Save.

Save button

4.8. Click on Continue.

This notice is just to let you know that you have not selected all students for this Assignment.

Continue button

4.9. The assignment is now set for just Section "Group B".

Although all of the students names will be listed, only students in that section will see this Assignment.

VoiceThread grader displays inside of Assignment

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use Sections instead of Groups to create a "group" Assignment which uses VoiceThread.