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How do I create a VT Assignment Builder 'Comment' assignment in Canvas?

You will learn how to add a VoiceThread Assignment Builder Comment type assignment.

Use this type of assignment when you want students to post comments on a VoiceThread which you have made. You can then grade each student's comment which will display in the gradebook.

If you decide to "moderate" the comments, you can use this type of VoiceThread as a quiz. Students will not be able to see each other's comments (i.e. answers to quiz questions).

First, copy your existing VoiceThread if you have one already.

Follow this guide to learn how to copy an existing VoiceThread.

Second, create an Assignment in your course in Canvas.

The purpose of creating an Assignment in Canvas rather than simply embedding the VoiceThread in the Rich Text Editor (RCE) is so that the grades you assign in VoiceThread will carry over to your gradebook in Canvas.

1. Click on the + icon in a Module.

+ icon selected

2. Select Assignment.

Assignment is selected

3. Select [New Assignment].

[New Assignment] selected

4. Type a name for the assignment.

Assignment Name field is selected

5. Click on Edit.

Edit button selected

6. Select External Tool from the Submission Type dropdown menu.

External Tool selected

7. Click on Find.

Note that once you have completed this VoiceThread assignment set up, you cannot click on this Find button again; otherwise, it will disconnect your existing VoiceThread from this Canvas Assignment.

Find button selected

8. Grab the bottom left corner to expand the dialog box if needed.

Bottom right corner of window selected to expand window frame

9. Select VoiceThread from the list.

VoiceThread selected from list

10. Hover mouse of i for more info (if desired).

Mouse hovered over Assignment Builder for more info

11. Click on Assignment Builder.

Since we want this assignment to report to the Canvas gradebook, we must select Assignment Builder. The other types will not report.

Assignment Builder selected
Third, create the VoiceThread Assignment Builder settings.

Follow these steps to create the specific type of Assignment Builder assignment that you want to use in your course. Choices include Create, Comment, and Watch.

Let's create a Comment VoiceThread where the students will need to post comments to a VoiceThread made by the instructor.

Video by VoiceThread on creating a 'Comment' Assignment Builder

1. Click on Comment.

Comment is selected

2. Click on Continue.

Continue button selected

3. Click on Open in full size tab.

This step is not necessary but it really helps to have the Voicethread interface at full size.

Open in full size tab selected

4. Decide whether to use an existing VT or create a new one.

Note it is recommended to copy an existing VoiceThread before selecting it in the coming steps. Be sure to select a VoiceThread that has no student comments.

existing VTs display

5. Select the desired VT.

Sp 21 Discussion on Mandated Reporting VT selected

6. Click on Continue.

Continue button selected

7. Adjust the settings as desired.

One of the settings that is commonly adjusted is the number of required comments each student must make in order to complete the assignment.

Tip: If you want to create a quiz, then select the Enable comment moderation tick box. Students will then not be able to see each other's responses. You can privately respond if desired and can grade each student.


8. Click on Continue.

Continue button

9. Fill out the appropriate information.

Consider adding information regarding the name of the assignment, the instructions and start and date ends if desired.

Information fields

10. Click on Publish.

Publish button

11. Click on Select.

Select button

12. Click on Save & Publish.

Save and Publish button

13. The details of this VoiceThread will display.

Each time you click on this Canvas Assignment, this information will display showing which students have attempted the assignment, which ones have been graded, etc.

VT details displayed

Article Summary

You have now learned to how set up a VoiceThread Assignment Builder Comment assignment in your course, so that students can post comments to a VoiceThread you have made. The grades from this VoiceThread will go to the gradebook in your course.