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Student: How do I upload a video to Canvas Studio and embed it in my Discussion post?

You will learn how to upload a video to Canvas Studio video and embed it in your Discussion post in your course in Canvas.

There are two advantages to using Canvas Studio to embed your video in your discussion reply post: you can upload a much larger video file than you can upload directly to the Rich Content Editor (discussion or assignment) and you can request computer generated captions.

Follow these steps once you have created a video using a phone or tablet or your webcam.

My Story Discussion link selected

2. Click on Reply.

Reply button

3. Click on the Plug icon.

Plug icon

4. Select View All.

View All selected

5. Click on Add Videos.

Tip: Any videos you may have previously uploaded to Canvas Studio would appear below.

Add Videos button

6. Click on Browse Files.

Browse Files button
My Story.mp4 video selected

8. Click on Open.

Open button

9. Wait for the video to upload and process.

Tip: The larger the video file, the longer it will take to upload and process. If your video is several GigaBytes, then you may have to wait up to 20 or 30 minutes for the video to finish processing. A short video should upload and process within a few minutes.

Video uploading and processing
What happens if the video file is too large?

If there is an upload error such as a file that is too large or the encoding has too many errors, you will see a message like the one shown in the screenshot below.

You should able to upload a video file that is several Gigabytes (Canvas claims up to 10GB).

Unable to Process error message

10. Hover over the video and click on Select.

video selected

11. Deselect 'Display Media Tabs'.

Display Media Tabs is deselected

12. Click on Embed.

Embed button

13. Click on Reply.

reply button (2)

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a video to Canvas Studio and embed it in your Discussion reply.

video displays in post