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Student: How do I find and sign up for an appointment with my instructor?

You will learn how to locate and sign up for an appointment time slot that your instructor has created for the students in your course.

Upon creating an Appointment Group for scheduling student sign ups, all students in the course will receive an email (Use this guide to check/adjust your Notifications.).

sample email to students

1. Click on the Calendar icon.

Calendar icon

2. Click on Find Appointments.

Find Appointments button

3. Select the desired course from the dropdown menu.

Select Course dropdown

4. Click on Submit.

Submit button

5. The choices for appointments now appear on your calendar.

Time slots display on your calendar

6. Click on the desired time slot.

12:20pm time slot selected

7. Type Comments if desired and click on Reserve.

Reserve button

8. If you click on that time slot, you can see your name as an Attendee.

Group Project Status Update

9. If you don't want this time slot, click on Un-reserve.

Un-reserve link

10. Click on the Close button.

Close button

11. Only that one appointment now appears in your Calendar.

Only one appointment now displays

Article Summary

You have now learned how to sign up for an appointment to meet with your instructor using the Canvas Calendar.