Canvas Resource CenterSTUDENT SELF-HELP GUIDESStudent Self-Help GuidesCanvas StudioStudent: How do I upload a video to Canvas Studio, create a link, and post the link in an Assignment?

Student: How do I upload a video to Canvas Studio, create a link, and post the link in an Assignment?

You will learn how to upload a video you have created (using PowerPoint, Zoom, your iPad or iPhone, etc.), add captions to your video, create a link for the video, and post the link in an Assignment submission.

1. Click on the Studio icon.

Studio icon selected

2. Click on Add.

Or, you can drag and drop your video file.

Add button

3. Click on Browse Files.

If desired, you can link a video in YouTube into your Canvas Studio.

Browse Files button
Open dialog

5. Double-click the video.

Or, click on the video and then click on Open.

Video selected

6. Wait for the video to upload.

video uploading
Learn how to add captions.

Follow these steps to learn how to auto generate captions in Studio, edit those captions, and publish them.

1. Click on the video.

Video selected

2. Click on Captions.

captions tab

3. Select English from the dropdown menu.

English selected

4. Click on Request.

Request button

5. Click on Review & Publish.

Review & Publish button

6. Edit the captions as needed.

Text of the captions

7. Click on Publish.

Publish button

Your video will now have captions available for anyone who watches it.

7. Click on the Three Dots menu.

Three Dots menu

8. Select Share Media.

Share Media
Links tab
Create Public Link button
URL selected

Or, use Ctrl+c.

Copy selected

13. Click on Done.

Done button
Group Project Assignment selected

15. Click on Start Assignment

Start Assignment button

16. Right mouse click in the Textbox and select Paste.

Paste selected

17. Type any comments or text and click on Submit Assignment.

Submit Assignment button

18. Click on Submission Details.

Follow these steps as a best practice after submitting any Assignment to verify that you submitted what you think you submitted.

Submission Details link
video link selected

20. The video should open in a new tab.

video displays

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a video to your Canvas Studio account, request auto captions, edit those captions, create a link for the video, and post that link to an Assignment.