Student: How do I link Dropbox to Canvas?

You will learn how to link Dropbox to Canvas. This allows you to share your Dropbox files with your instructor or fellow students directly in Canvas.

Follow these steps after logging in to your Dropbox account using the Dropbox website.

1. Click the Dropbox menu object after logging in to your Dropbox account.

The dropbox menu is highlighted

2. Scroll down and select "App Center".

App Center is highlighted

3. Search for and select "Canvas".

Canvas is enterred in the search box

4. Click "Connect".

Connect is highlighted

5. Enter the CSUF Canvas Address.

Enter for the institution's domain.

The address must be entered exactly. There can be no space before or behind the domain. Do not add the "https://" prefix. has been enterred

6. Connect.

Click the "Connect" button.

Connect is highlighted

7. Authorize Dropbox.

Click the "Authorize" button. This will allow Dropbox to share files with Canvas.

Authorize is highlighted

If successful, the window will close. Your email address should now appear with a check mark next to Canvas in your "Connected Apps" list.

Check mark and email address are highlighted

8. Details on Dropbox and Canvas.

More details on using Dropbox with Canvas are available in the Dropbox+Canvas community guide.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to connect Canvas with your Dropbox account, so that you can share specific Dropbox files with your instructor (in an assignment) or fellow students (in a discussion).