How do I import a QTI question bank or quiz into Respondus?

You will learn how to import a QTI-packaged quiz (which you have exported from Canvas) into Respondus where you can edit, print preview, print, and/or re-upload to your Canvas course.

1. Open the Respondus program on your PC.

Respondus opening page

2. Use the dropdown menu to select IMS QTI.

IMS QTI is selected

3. Click on Import Questions.

Import Questions link

4. Click on Browse to navigate to your QTI ZIP file.

Browse button

5. Use the dropdown menu to select 'Zipped IMS QTI package (.zip).

Zipped IMS QTI package selected

6. Double-click the zip package.

ZIP package selected

7. Type a name for the quiz.

Tip: Give the quiz a name that is meaningful to you, like "SPAN 101 Chapter 1 Quiz" or "MKTG 351 Intro to Marketing".

'Create a new document' field selected

8. Click on Preview.

Preview button

9. If the imported file is valid, you will see the list of questions in the zip file.

In addition, to the preview of the questions, you should see a message of "Imported successfully".

Questions previewing

10. Click on Finish.

Finish button

11. The questions are now in Respondus.

Questions are saved in Respondus

Tip: QTI version 1.1.3 is the current version which Respondus can create; however, Canvas New Quizzes requires a newer version, so Respondus can only package a QTI for Classic Quizzes, not New Quizzes. To upload a quiz to New Quizzes, use the Canvas Personality instead.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import a QTI-packaged quiz into Respondus.