How do I use Proctorio in a New Quizzes quiz?

You will learn how to use Proctorio for a New Quizzes quiz in your Canvas course. Use this other guide for a Classic Quizzes quiz.

Follow these steps after you have installed the Proctorio extension and added the Secure Exam Proctor (Proctorio) menu item to your course, and after you have clicked on that menu item.

1. Create your New Quizzes quiz.

Follow this guide to learn how to create a New Quizzes quiz.

Quiz 1 is shown

2. Click on the Three dots menu.

Three Dots menu

3. Select Build.

Build selected

4. Click on Settings.

Settings tab selected

5. Click on Time limit.

Proctorio requires a time limit.

Time limit clicked

6. Set the number of minutes.

Minutes setting

7. Click on Enable Proctorio.

Note: If this setting does not appear, try to refresh the page. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Enable Proctorio is selected

8. Do not attempt to change the access code.

Note: This access code is now controlled by Proctorio and you should not give it to students nor try to change it.

Require a student access code is not touched

9. Click on Proctorio Settings.

Proctorio Settings tab

10. Adjust the Proctorio settings as desired.

Note that the Clear Cache feature does not work with New Quizzes. Please make sure that Clear Cache is not selected.

Proctorio Settings page

11. Click on Return.

Return button

12. Your quiz name has been changed to indicate it is proctored.

Quiz 1 (Remotely Proctored)

Your quiz should now be ready to go. If you have any issues, or need additional assistance, contact Proctorio Support.

Getting Proctorio Support

To utilize the Proctorio Support, you must have the browser extension installed and be in your course that has the Secure Exam Proctor (Proctorio) menu item enabled.

1. Click on the Extensions icon.

Note: This is for the Chrome browser. Other browsers might have the extension somewhere else.

Extensions icon

2. Click on Proctorio.

Proctorio selected

3. Click on Live Chat or Help and Support Center.

Live Chat or Help and Support Center selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add Proctorio to your New Quizzes quiz.