How do I install the Proctorio extension?

This guide will help you learn how to install the Proctorio extension. 

Proctorio only works with specific web browsers, and you must use the appropriate add-on for your web browser.

Please remember to review UPS documents regarding online instruction requirements for syllabus info on equipment and internet connection requirements, recording of class sessions, accessibility, etc. Many items are addressed in this document:
Policy on Online Instruction (UPS 411.104).

Which web browser do you want to use?

I want to use Chrome.

Follow these steps to install the Proctorio extension for Google Chrome.

1. Install Google Chrome.

If you have Google Chrome installed, launch it, or download and install Chrome to your computer.

Download Chrome button selected
2. Install the Proctorio extension.

With Google Chrome installed, click the following link to the Proctorio Chrome Extension page: Install Proctorio Chrome extension.

Click here link selected
3. Add Proctorio extension to Chrome.

3.1. Click on the Add to Chrome button.

Add to Chrome button selected

3.2. Click the Add Extension box. 

Add extension button selected

Once you have installed the Proctorio extension, a message will pop up saying "Proctorio has been added to Google Chrome". 

Proctorio added to Chrome box selected
I want to use Edge.

Follow these steps to to install the Proctorio add-on for Microsoft Edge.

1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Add-On web site.

If you are not taken directly to the Proctorio add-on, you can use the Search field to get there.

 Microsoft Edge Add-ons web page

2. Click on Get.

Get button

3. Click on Add extension.

Add extension button

4. Proctorio is now installed.

Proctorio extension show in menu

Article Summary

You have now learned how to install the Proctorio extension for Chrome or Edge.