How do I make a survey which reports to the gradebook?

You will learn how to make a survey (anonymous or not) for your students which can report to the gradebook, if you want to award points for having completed the survey.

To create a survey which reports to the gradebook (to give extra credit, for example), your only choice is to use the Classic Quiz tool.

However, if you want to create a survey which does not report to the gradebook, you can use 3rd-party tools, such as Mentimeter or Qualtrics. The New Quizzes tool does not currently allow you to create a survey - neither graded, nor ungraded.

1. Click on Quizzes in the course navigation.

Quizzes link in navigation

2. Click on +Quiz.

+Quiz selected

3. Select Classic Quiz.

Classic Quizzes is selected

4. Click on Submit.

Submit button

5. Type a title.

name field

6. Type instructions.

Instructions field

7. Using the dropdown menu, select the type of survey you want to create, such as Graded Survey.

A Graded Survey will display in the Gradebook and points can be awarded to students who complete it.

An Ungraded Survey will not appear in the Gradebook and students will not be awarded points.

Graded Survey is selected

8. For a graded survey, type the number of points to be awarded.

Points field selected

9. Among your options, choose whether to keep the submissions anonymous.

If you tick the Keep Submissions Anonymous box, then you will not know which answers each student has marked or written. However, if you choose a Graded Survey, then you will know which students have completed the survey as those you did it will be awarded points in the gradebook.

Keep Submissions Anonymous is ticked

10. Click on Save & Publish button.

Save & Publish button

Your students can now take the survey.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to make a survey for your course that awards points and is tracked in the gradebook.