How do I use Mentimeter for asynchronous teaching?

You will learn how to use Mentimeter in an asynchronous mode of teaching. This might be in an online, hybrid or face-to-face course where you want to collect data or responses over a given time period. Mentimeter calls this "audience pace".

Do you want to collect input from your students or colleagues before your presentation or over a longer period? You can use Mentimeter as an asynchronous survey tool and allow your students/participants to answer your questions at their own pace.

Some use case examples

Release a Mentimeter Audience Pace survey prior to a session to collect questions, expectations and/or to see where your students stand on a specific topic.

Use the Multiple Choice question type as an icebreaker, to get to know your students (or for them to get to know you!) or to get quick feedback on the existing knowledge or preferences of your students.

Use the WordCloud question type when a discussion can be based on keywords or to check how your students are doing.

How do you feel this afternoon example

Use Mentimeter for feedback with the Scales question type - ask your students to assess their learning experiences and rate their disagreement/agreement or disapproval/approval of various statements.

Session evaluation example

Use the Ranking question type to rank and prioritize the flow of a session, areas for improvement or those that you need to focus on more specifically.

Rank challenges example

Use the Open Ended question type to ask for opinions, thoughts and feedback in a free text. You can even use it just for appreciation and praise and to boost the sense of belonging!

share appreciation and praise example

Video on how to create a survey

Written guide on creating a survey

Article Summary

You have now learned some ways to use Mentimeter in your online, hybrid or face-to-face course in an asynchronous manner.

Source: Most of the text and images in this guide were provided by Mentimeter.