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How do I setup iClicker Enhanced Grade Sync in my Canvas course?

You will learn how to set up the Enhanced Grade Sync in your Canvas course.

You must create an iClicker Cloud account and create at least one course in your iClicker Cloud account before continuing with these steps.

1. Login to your Canvas course.

Canvas Dashboard

2. Click Settings on the Navigation menu.

Settings link selected

3. Select the Navigation tab.

Click on the Navigation tab.

4. Find the iClicker Sync entry in the lower list, click and drag it into the active navigation list.

iClicker Sync is selected

5. Scroll down and click Save.

Save button is selected

6. Click the newly placed iClicker Sync option in the side navigation to launch the app.

Titanium grader report page.

The first time the app is launched, you will be prompted to enter your iClicker Cloud email and password to link your account.

Enter/verify your email and password before clicking on Sign In.

Email and Password fields

8. Authorize the connection.

Authorize button selected
Introduction to iClicker is selected
Save and Link Courses button

11. Click Next.

Next button

12. Confirm that you have linked the correct course in Canvas.

Linked courses page show which courses are linked