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What do I do if a Turnitin assignment grade doesn't transfer automatically to my gradebook?

When using Turnitin Feedback Studio to grade student papers faculty should be aware that grades may occasionally fail to automatically transfer to the gradebook in your Canvas course.

This happens due to a variety of reasons (expired session, cache in your browser, unreliable internet connection, etc.).

Follow these steps to rectify this problem.

1. Open your Gradebook and the Turnitin Feeback Studio.

Be sure that these are opened in separate windows on your computer where you can view both at the same time.

side-by-side view of gradebook and turnitin

2. Scan the gradebook and Feedback Studio for grades which have not successfully transferred.

side-by-side view of gradebook and turnitin 2

3. Manually type the missing grades in the gradebook cell by cell.

gradebook cell

Consider using the Turnitin Framework Assignment instead.

Follow this guide to create a Turnitin Framework type Assignment in your Canvas course. This type of Turnitin Assignment does not have this type of issue. However, your grading and markup would be done in the SpeedGrader rather than in the Turnitin Feedback Studio. Read this guide for a comparison of the two types of Turnitin Assignments.

Getting help

If you need assistance regarding the originality report or some other aspect of Turnitin, then you can go to the Turnitin Support Center to submit a help ticket. You can also submit a ticket to schedule a phone call.

Turnitin also offers a knowledge base for using the External Tool and the Plagiarism Framework - both of which are available in Canvas.

If you would like some assistance with Turnitin and how it interacts with your course SpeedGrader and gradebook, please contact the Faculty Development Center's Canvas Consultants at [email protected]. Please include information about the course, the assignment, and the issue (or question) you are experiencing.

Article Summary

You have now learned that you will need to manually input your Turnitin Feedback Studio grades into your gradebook if the automatic sync does not work.