How do I add Turnitin to an Assignment?

You will learn how to add Turnitin (Turnitin Framework) to an Assignment in your course in Canvas.

Turnitin will display a colored flag based on a similarity report which Turnitin will generate. This colored flag will display in the SpeedGrader and in the Gradebook for instructors to view.

1. Click on Assignments.

Assignments menu item

2. Click on the + icon.

+ icon to add content

3. Click on More Options.

More Options button

4. Type a name for the Assignment.

Name field selected

5. Type directions in the Rich Content Editor.

Rich Content Editor

6. Type the number of points for this assignment.

Points field selected

7. Decide how to display the grade in the gradebook.

Points selected

8. For Submission Type, select Online.

Online selected

9. Tick the desired type of online option.

Turnitin works with Text Entry and File Uploads only.

Text Entry and File Uploads selected

10. Be sure to restrict the file type which students can upload.

Turnitin cannot perform a similarity report on all file types, so it is necessary to restrict the type of file which students can upload. The format is to include the extension, a comma, and then the next extension with no spaces, such as "doc,docx,pdf".

Restrict Uploads File Types field

11. Once you tick either the Text Entry or the File Upload, this Plagiarism Review section will appear.

Plagiarism Review section

12. Select Turnitin for the type of Plagiarism Review.

Turnitin is selected

13. Select the desired settings for Turnitin.

Turnitin settings

14. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish

15. When you click on SpeedGrader, you will see the colored flag with a percent sign.

You can click on the Turnitin score to view the Feedback Studio

Warning: Do not do any grading in the Feedback Studio, because it will not transfer to the Gradebook.

Feedback studio

16. When you view the gradebook, you will see the colored flag there as well.


17. The student's view of the gradebook also shows the flag if you enable it.

student view of gradebook

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a Turnitin plagiarism report to an Assignment in your course using the Turnitin Framework.