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How do I perform a "Quick Submit" on behalf of my students?

You will learn how to perform a Quick Submit directly in, so that you can get similarity reports for one or more student essays/papers/submissions.

Follow these step in the case where you want to submit essays or papers to Turnitin but don't want to create an Assignment in your course in Canvas.

1. Reset your password at

Follow these steps to learn how to reset your Turnitin password.

Note: In order to "reset" your password, you must have first used Turnitin in an Assignment in Canvas as an instructor.

Tip: The password reset process should not affect your Turnitin login via the Canvas LTI. So, the next time you create a Turnitin Assignment in your course, it should still recognize your user account.

1.1. Go to using your web browser. website

1.2. Click on Login.

login button
Click here link

1.4. Enter your CSUF email address and your last name.

email field and Last Name field

1.5. Click on Next.

Next button

1.6. Wait for the email.

Resest User Password
link within email to login

1.8. Type your desired password.

Password field

1.9. Click on Next.

Next button (2)

1.10. Click on Log in button.

Log in button

1.11. Type your username and password.

Email address and Password fields

1.12. Click on Log in.

Log in button (2)

1.13. Use the dropdown to select a secret question.


1.14. Type the answer.

question answer field

1.15. Click on submit button.

submit button
2. Login to using your new password.
Login button from homepage
3. Activate the Quick Submit feature on your account.

Follow this guide to activate Quick Submit.

Quick Submit tab

Article Summary

You have now learned how to reset your password, login to and perform a Quick Submit to check the similarity report for your students.