How do I record a video using Pick-n-Play and Zoom?

You will learn how to record a video in the Pick-N-Play to share with your students in your course in Canvas. This process uses Zoom to make the recording, so you must have Zoom installed on your computer.

Follow these steps after you have added the ShareStream Course Media navigation item to your course.

1. Click on the ShareStream Course Media navigation item in your course.

ShareStream Course Media is selected

2. Click on Add Media.

Add Media

3. Select Record.

Before you can record, you must first connect your ShareStream account with your Zoom account.

Record button selected

4. Type a title.

Title field

5. Select the type of recording you want to make.

Although you make a selection here as to your screen share, video on or video off, you can always change that setting when you enter the Zoom meeting.

Recording Type

6. Click on Start Recording.

Note: This does not actually start recording; instead it will initiate the start of the Zoom meeting.

Start Recording button

7. Click on Open Zoom Meetings.

Open Zoom Meetings button

8. Select the item you want to want to record.

A PowerPoint is selected in this sample. However, if you want to record your entire screen regardless of what you are showing, you can select Screen.

If you want to share a video and/or audio be sure to tick the boxes for Share sound and Optimize for video clip.

PowerPoint is selected

9. Click on Share.

Share button

10. Click to make the PowerPoint presentation mode.

Presentation mode icon

11. Hover your mouse over the menu to expand it.

zoom menu

12. Click on Join Audio.

Join Audio button

13. Click on Join with Computer Audio.

Join with Computer Audio button

14. Click on Unmute.

Note: if you also want video, click on the video icon.

Unmute button

15. Click on More and select Record to the Cloud.

Record to the Cloud is selected

16. When you are finished recording, click on Stop Share.

After you click on Stop Share, the video will automatically upload to the Zoom Cloud.

Stop Share button

17. You will receive an email stating that the Zoom recording is now available.

The longer the recording, the longer you will need to wait for this email.

email notice

18. Click on Add Media within the Pick-N-Play.

Add Media

19. Select Import.

Import selected

20. Click on Import for the recording you want to bring into your course.

Import button

21. That video is now in the Pick-N-Play.

Pick-N-Play showing new video is available to students

Students can now view this recording by clicking on the ShareStream Course Media button or you want embed it in a Page for them to view there.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to record a Zoom video to Sharestream for use in your course in Canvas.