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How do I change the student ID length for ParScore?

You will learn how to change the ID length used by ParScore when scanning Scantron answer sheets.

Typically, the Campus Wide ID Number (CWID) is used for student answer sheets which is 9 digits in length. However, sometimes faculty want to use fewer digits.

An example of ID length.

Below is an example of an answer sheet with only 5 digits.

Sample answer sheet with only 5 digit ID number

1. In ParScore, double-click on the course to open it.

Intro to Space is selected

2. Click on the Scoring tab.

Scoring tab

3. Go to the main menu and click on Options.

Options tab

4. Click on Enrollment Setup.

Enrollment Setup

5. Type in the desired number of digits.

Note: The maximum is 10 digits. If students have more or less than you specify, an error will be returned when the answer sheet is scanned.

Changes to the Student ID Number length affects all users of ParScore on that computer. Therefore, after you are finished scanning the student answer sheets, you should change the Student ID Number back to 9 digits.

5 is selected for number of digits

6. Click OK.

OK button

7. The scanner is now configured for 5-digit student ID numbers.

NOTE: Follow the same steps to change the Student ID number length back to 9 digits before you exit the program.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to change the Student ID number length in ParScore.