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Where can I find a Scantron scanner that uses ParScore?

You will learn where Scantron scanners are located at the Cal State Fullerton campus.

ES2260 Scantron scanner

The Faculty Commons, PLS-237, has an ES2260 Scantron scanner available for any Cal State Fullerton faculty member to use. This scanner is dependent upon ParScore which can be used to collect data from the student answer sheets, create reports, and export as a CSV which can then be imported to the Canvas gradebook.

The first step to using this Scantron scanner is to submit a request for a user account.

ES2260 Scantron scanner

888P+ Scantron scanner

The 888P+ Scantron scanner pictured below is a stand alone scanner, meaning it is not connected to a computer and is not compatible with ParScore; however, it is useful for an exam or survey where the data does not need to be gathered electronically for manipulation, report generation, or uploading to the Canvas gradebook.

A user account is not required to use this scanner. Simply come to the Faculty Commons, PLS-237. If you need assistance, staff members are available upon request.

888P+ Scantron scanner

Here is a list of departments which have one or both scanners. Please contact the department directly for more information.

 list of departments

Whom should I contact to find out more information?

Please call Online Education and Training at 657-278-4528 or email [email protected] for more information or assistance on using the ParScore Scantron scanner or the 888P+ standalone scanner.