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How do I request Proctorio activation for my Canvas course?

You will learn how to request that Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor be enabled in your Canvas course.

The CSUF Proctorio license has been changed from an unlimited site license to a limited per-student license. Proctorio availability is now limited to departments that have purchased licenses. Before making your request, please check with your department or college to confirm licenses are available for your course.

If you need to view the Proctorio data from your Spring 2022 or earlier course, a license is not required to get Proctorio re-enabled, but you will need to get it re-enabled by emailing details to [email protected]

1. Email Your Request.

To request the Proctorio app to be enabled, ask your college dean or associate dean to email [email protected] the full name of your Canvas course(s) where you will use Proctorio. You must use your CSUF email address when making this request.

Since it may take time to get the app added, please make the request as early as possible (preferably before the course is published).

2. Receive Confirmation.

An IT support staff will confirm access after the Proctorio app has been enabled in your Canvas course(s).

3. Complete Configuration.

Please follow the steps in our other Proctorio guides to complete the setup of your quizzes.

Don't forget to create a repeatable practice quiz with the same settings as your graded quizzes, so your students can confirm their settings and computer configuration.

Article Summary

You have learned how to request Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor for your Canvas course.