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How do I hide student grades while I am grading that Assignment?

You will learn how to hide the grades for an Assignment as you are grading that Assignment. Students will see that the grades for that Assignment are hidden. Once you are ready for the students to see the grades, you can make them visible. This method uses manual grading.

Grades link in course navigation

2. Locate your Assignment.

Note that students have already submitted this assignment and it is now time to grade those submissions.

Paper 10 (rubric) assignment

3. Hover and click on the Three dots menu.

Three dots menu

4. Select Grade Posting Policy.

Grade Posting Policy selected

5. Tick Manually.

Manually selected

6. Click on Save.

Save button

7. Students will see that the Assignment is hidden.

This is the student view of the Grades showing that this assignment is marked as hidden.

Student view of the Grades

8. Click on the title of the Assignment in Grades.

Paper 10 assignment selected

9. Click on SpeedGrader.

SpeedGrader button

10. Click on View Rubric.

You can skip these steps if you are not using a Rubric with this Assignment.

View Rubric button

11. Expand the view of the rubric.

windwo expanded

12. Grade as needed and click on Save.

Save button (2)

13. The Grade now shows as "Hidden".

Note: Because the Assignment is set for MANUAL grading, students will not receive a notification that this Assignment has been graded nor will they see the actual grade or graded rubric until you post the grades.

Hidden notice

14. Return to the Grades, hover over the Assignment title, and click on the three dots menu.

Follow these steps when you are ready to allow students to view their grade and to receive notifications from this Assignment.

Tip: The red dot indicates that that student's submission has been graded. In this example, one student submission has been graded, but the other has not.

three dots menu

15. Select Post Grades.

Post grades

16. Select Graded

Tip: The only reason to select Graded is if you are not finished grading. Perhaps, you want to grade the late submissions after grading the ones that were submitted on-time. It's up to you.

Graded selected

17. Click on Post.

Note that you can see how many student grades are currently hidden (1).

Post button (2)

Students will now be able to see their Assignment grade and will receive notifications from this Assignment (such as letting them know that it has been graded).

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use Manual grading to hide the Assignment grades until you are ready to display them.