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How do I add a page or cartridge to my course from Canvas Commons?

You will learn about importing course materials into your course from Canvas Commons.

1. Click "Commons" in the Canvas global navigation.

Commons in the global navigation menu

2. If this is your first time accessing Canvas Commons, you will be prompted to authorize the app.

Click "Authorize" to allow Canvas to log you in to the Commons.

Authorize is highlighted

3. Locate a Resource in Commons.

CSUF featured content will appear near the top of the list. For this example we will use the "Canvas Support Resources for CSUF Students" page.

Canvas Commons list of resources

Courses, modules, assignments, quizzes, discussions, pages, or files can be imported from Commons with these steps.  Additional details about Commons are available in the Canvas Commons Guide.

Using search can help as well. Here we searched for "csuf students".

"csuf students" has been added to the search box

4. Click the resource title.

"Canvas Support Resources for CSUF Students" is highlighted

5. Click "Import/Download".

"Import/Download" is highlighted

6. Select the course(s) you would like to add the resource to.

A check box has been added to the selcted course

7. Click "Import into Course"

"import into Course" is highlighted

You will see a success message when the download begins.

"You have successfully started the import!" is highlighted

8. Check the Pages section in the Canvas course.

In the Canvas course, click "Pages" in the course navigation. When the download is complete, you will see "Canvas Support Resources for Students" in the list of pages.

"Pages" is highlighted

The page has been added to the course pages container, however a link to the page should also be added to the course modules navigation.

9. Click the + button on a course module.

The + button in a module is highlighted

10. Change "Assignment" in the Add option box to "Page".

"Assignment" is highlighted

11. Select the page.

"Canvas Support Resources for Students" is highlighted

12. Click "Add Item".

The "Add Item" button is highlighted

13. The page has been successfully added to the course.

The page is highlighted in course

Article Summary

You have learned how to add a resource from Canvas Commons to your course.