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How do I submit a student's assignment on their behalf?

You will learn how you can submit/upload a file attachment for an Assignment in your course in Canvas on behalf of a student.

The Assignment submission type must be for a file upload.

For example, if a student missed a deadline or submitted the wrong paper or you are allowing the student to re-edit the paper, you can submit the assignment on their behalf without having to go through the steps of changing any deadllines or allowed attempts.

Grades navigation item

2. Locate the student with the missing submission.

Tip: You can also re-submit an Assignment for a student. For example, if a student submitted an incomplete assignment or submitted the wrong file, you can upload the correct file for that student even if it is past the due date and the until date for a particular Assignment.

You can use the Search tool or simply scroll down the list of students.

student located

3. Click on the desired cell.

Cell selected

4. Click on the Arrow.

Arrow selected

5. Click on Submit for Student.

Submit for Student selected

6. Drag and drop the file.

Upload File area selected

7. Click on Submit.

Submit button

8. Click on SpeedGrader.

Note that the cell now shows that the Assignment needs grading.

SpeedGrader link selected

9. In the SpeedGrader, you can see when the submission was made and by whom.

You can see the date and time and by whom the Assignment was submitted (1). You can apply all of your regular grading, rubric, comments, etc. that you would do a for a student-submitted Assignment.


Article Summary

You have now learned how to submit an Assignment on behalf of a student.