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How do I link an Alexander Street video in my course?

You will learn how to link to an Alexander Street video in your course in Canvas, so that your students will be able to view the entire video. This process will create a "Permalink".

1. Log in to the CSUF Portal and go to your Canvas course.

Canvas course

2. In a new tab, go to

By using this link to Alexander Street, you should be logged in automatically via the Library, but you might still need to login in the library.

3. Search for the video you want.

Search bar

4. Once you have found the video you want to use, click on Share.

Share button

5. Click on Copy.

For greatest compatibility across web browsers, you may want to use the "Via permalink" Copy button, which is what we are doing in this guide.

Copy button

6. Click on the course tab and then on the + button.

+ button at the Module level

7. Using the dropdown menu, select External URL.

External URL selected

8. Paste the URL you just copied.

URL field selected
Page Name field

10. Be sure to have the Load in a new tab ticked.

Loading in a new tab might not be required, but it will make it easier for your student in general as some web browsers don't like to play a video inside of Canvas.

Load in a new tab box ticked

11. Click on Add Item.

Add Item button
video link available in course
video link

14. If the library login site pops up, you will need to login, in order to view the video. Use your standard CSUF Portal login credentials.

User login

15. Click on Accept All button

Accept All button

16. Click on Play.

Play button

17. The video should play.

video playing

18. Click on Transcript to verify that your students can read along if needed.

Transcript button

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a Permalink for your Alexander Street video.