How do I import a QTI (ZIP) quiz?

You will learn how to import a Classic Quiz file (QTI zip format) into your course in Canvas.

1. In the course where you want to import the quiz, click on Import Existing Content.

Import Existing Content button

2. Select QTI .zip file.

QTI .zip file selected

3. Click on Choose File.

Choose File button
file navigation

5. Click on Open.

Open button
Do you want to create a new question bank?

1. Select Create new question bank from the dropdown menu.

Create new question bank is selected

2. Type a name for the new question bank.

textfield selected for new question bank
Quizzes link

7. The quiz is now listed.

Quiz shown on Quizzes page

8. Select Manage Question Banks under the Three Dots menu.

Manage Question Banks selected

9. The Question Bank will have the same name as the quiz.

At this point, you can edit the name of the question bank, the questions in the bank or delete the bank.

Question Banks page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import a Classic Quiz into your course in Canvas.