How do I copy my course in Canvas?

You will learn how to copy your course in Canvas using the "Import Existing Content" button.

1. Enter your new course.

This is the course into which you want to import the content.

course module page

2. Click on Import Existing Content.

Import Existing Content button

3. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the dropdown menu.

Copy a Canvas Course is selected

4. Type in the title of the original course until it shows up.

As you type, courses that you have access to will appear in a list. Or, you can use the arrow to view a list of your courses by term.

Search for a Course field.

5. Select the name of the desired course from the list.

Fall 2020 FIN 320-10 12345 is selected

6. Tick All content.

Tip: This guide is on how to copy all content from one course to another. To learn about copying select content, view this guide.

All content is selected

7. Tick Adjust events and due dates.

Note: Due dates can be rather tricky if you have the automatic Late policies enabled (default setting for the gradebook). If you don't adjust the due dates for assignments/quizzes/discussions by the course start date, the Late Policies procedure may automatically grade those assignments with a 0.

Box ticked for Adjust events and due dates

8. Select Shift dates.

Or, choose to remove dates. Your choice. In either case, you will likely need to change most of them manually anyway.

Radio button for Shift dates

9. Enter dates to adjust the due dates.

Dates fields

10. Click on Import.

Import button
Are there any reported issues?
issues message

If there are no issues caused when copying the course, then the course has been successfully copied. Be sure to verify all course open/close/due dates.

1 issues link selected

10.2. There is something wrong with this quiz.

The message stated that a link was missing. You will then need to review this quiz and determine which question and which link has a problem. Canvas doesn't offer any further information on what the issue is.

Quiz edit page

11. Click on Home to view your course.

Verify that the content has copied correctly. Adjust your assignment dates as needed.

Home link selected

Group Assignments

Note: If you have any group assignments or discussions, then you will need to adjust those assignment settings regarding the Group Set (group names and group membership) before you expect your students to participate in said assignment. If you do not fix the group settings, you may experience some very unexpected grading errors.


Note: Announcements from your original course will get copied to the new course using this method. However, your name is no longer associated with those old announcements, and it may be confusing for students to see a bunch of non-relevant announcements in their new course, so it is suggested to delete those old announcements before the start date of the course.

Due Dates

Remember to adjust all due dates before publishing any assignment, quiz, discussion, etc.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to copy your course in Canvas.