How do I import content from another course?

You will learn how to import course content from your other course in Canvas. You can import the entire course or select elements of the course. Follow the steps in this guide to import selected content into your new course.

1. Enter your course.

This is the course into which you want to import the content.

course module page

2. Click on Import Existing Content.

Import Existing Content button

3. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the dropdown menu.

Copy a Canvas Course is selected

4. Type in the title of the original course until it shows up.

As you type, courses that you have access to will appear in a list, or you can use the arrow to see a list of your course from which you can choose.

Search for a Course field.

5. Select the name of the desired course from the list.

Fall 2020 FIN 320-10 12345 is selected

6. Tick Select specific content.

Tip: If you want to copy the entire course, then leave it on All content. However, if you want to copy only selected content, then choose Select specific content.

Radio button for Select specific content

7. Tick Adjust events and due dates.

Box ticked for Adjust events and due dates

8. Select Remove dates.

Radio button for Remove dates

9. Click on Import.

Import button

10. Click on Select Content.

Select Content button

11. Drill down to select the content you want to import.

It is essential that if you are selecting specific content that you consider all of the pieces of that content. For example, a Quiz activity may need for you to tick the name of the quiz under Quizzes, the name of the quiz under Modules, the name of the question bank under Question banks, the names of any files (under Files) that are used in the quiz, such as images, videos or other attached files.

Final Weeks Module selected

12. Click on Select Content.

Select Content button (2)

13. Click on Modules.

Modules link selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import content from another course in Canvas.

Be sure to verify that your desired content has been fully copied by clicking on it and reviewing it because sometimes not all of the content copies as you anticipate that it will.

Note that when you copy a course, the Announcements also get copied, so you may want to delete them before publishing the course, so as not to confuse your new students.

course modules page (2)