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How do I cross-list two sections of the same course?

You will learn how to cross-list two or more sections of a course, so that you only have to deal with one course and all of the cross-listed students will see the same content, announcements, discussions, assignments, quizzes, etc.

Alert! Please only cross-list matriculated courses into other matriculated courses. Cross listing into a shell causes technical issues.

1. Enter the course which you want to merge into the main course.

This is not your main (parent) course. This is the course you want to merge into the parent/main course.

For example, in this guide, we want the COUN 380 course enrollments to appear in the HUSR 380 course.

course main page

2. Scroll down and click on Settings.

Settings nav item

3. Click on the Sections tab.

Sections link selected

Note that the name of the section is identical to the name of the course.

course section link is selected

5. Click on Cross-List this Section.

Cross-List this Section button

6. Paste the name of the main course into the search field.

Search for Course field selected

7. Select the course from the list.

Search result selected

8. Verify that it is the correct course.

Selected Course information

9. Click on Cross-List This Section.

Cross-List This Section button

10. The message will display showing the cross-list was successful.

success message

11. Note that you are now in the main course.

The child course will now disappear from your Canvas Dashboard. You will now only see the parent course.

course breadcrumb

12. Click on Back to Course Settings.

Back to Course Settings button

13. Both sections are now listed with their enrollments.

both section listed

Canvas Training Video on how to cross list sections

Guides on cross listing

Article Summary

You have now learned how to cross list or merge course sections in Canvas.

Note: Once students do work in the course, do not de-cross list the sections or their work will be lost.

If you have made a mistake, there is a schedule change, or some other reason to de-cross list these sections, contact [email protected] to request them to de-cross list.