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How do I create an H5P Interaction as an activity in a Page or Discussion?

You will learn how to create an H5P interaction in a Page (this also works for a Discussion or Quiz description) in your course in Canvas.

As a reminder, this method of inserting an H5P does not report student scores to the gradebook.

1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to your course from the Dashboard.

course main page

2. Click on the + icon to add content.

+ icon selected

3. Select Page from the Add dropdown menu.

Page is selected

4. Type a title for the page.

Page Name field

5. Click on Add Item.

Add Item button
Page link selected

7. Click on Edit.

Edit button

8. Click on the Apps menu item.

Apps menu item selected

9. Click on View all.

This is only necessary if you have used this Apps menu item previously.

View All selected

10. Select H5P.

H5P selected

11. Click on the Add Content button.

Tip: once you have created some interactions in H5P, you will see a list of them below and can even search for a desired interaction to add to any of your courses in Canvas.

Add Content button in H5P Window

12. Type "true" in the search field or scroll down the page to True/False Question.

For this guide, we are simply going to create a quick True/False Question interaction, but you can select to create any type that you want.

search field selected

13. Click on True/False Question.

Selecting an H5P True/False Question type

14. Type a title for the interaction.

For example, if the interaction is learning about Napoleon, then type a title relevant to that.

Title field selected

15. Type a statement.

Question field selected

16. Select either True or False as the correct answer.

True radio button selected

17. Click on Save and Insert.

Save and Insert button

18. The H5P will load in the Rich Content Editor.

Don't forget to add any instructions your students may need.

H5P interaction displays in the editor.

19. Click on Save and Publish when you are finished.

Save & Publish button

If this is your first time using H5P, you have now activated your personal H5P account for Cal State Fullerton. H5P will now be synchronized with Canvas across your Cal State Fullerton Canvas courses and domain. If you encounter any difficulties, contact [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

20. When you click on the Page you just created, you always have the choice to edit the H5P interaction.

Edit button selected

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Article Summary

You have now learned how to create or add an H5P interaction to a Page in your course in Canvas.