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How do I create a quiz for a video in Canvas Studio?

You will learn how to create a quiz for a video that you have in Canvas Studio. This quiz will allow you to link the video to an Assignment where the results of the quiz will be forwarded to the gradebook.

Note: This video happens to be linked from YouTube, but the same process applies to videos directly uploaded or those created within Canvas Studio.

Canvas Studio

2. Click on the Three Dots menu.

Three Dots menu

3. Select Create Quiz.

Create Quiz selected

4. Type a title for the quiz.

Title field selected

5. Type a description if desired.

Tip: If you end up creating several quizzes, the description can be useful in deciding the contents of the quiz when you are searching through a list.

Description field selected

6. Decide whether to make the question markers visible to students.

Slider for question markers

7. Click on Get Started.

Get Started button

8. Click on the + in the timeline where you want to create a new question.

Plus on the timeline

9. Select the desired question type.

Note that there are only three question types available: Multiple Choice, True or False, and Multiple Answer.

True or False selected

10. Enter the information for your question.

Note: Feedback is available after the student finishes the video quiz.

Information details for the new question

11. Click on Save.

Save button selected

12. Continue making questions throughout the video.

Additional question hotspots

13. Click on Done.

Done button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a video quiz for your video in Canvas Studio.

Video thumbnail displayed