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How do I check student sign ups for time slots in the Calendar?

You will learn the process of what happens when a student signs up for an appointment time slot you have created in your Canvas Calendar. Plus, also how to check your course calendar to any appointments.

Upon creating an Appointment Group for scheduling student sign ups, all students in the course will receive an email stating that they can schedule an appointment, unless they have adjusted their Canvas Notifications to not do that.

sample email to students

1. When a student signs up for a time slot, you will receive an email.

You may need to adjust your Canvas Notifications if you do not receive an email but want to.

Email notification

2. If you want to simply check on the appointments, click on the course.

Calender icon

3. Click on View Calendar.

View Calendar link

4. Your appointments are shown in bold.

bold appointment

5. Click the appointment that is slightly darker than the others.

bolded appointment selected

6. You can see who signed up.

You can view the Appointment Group details, Edit the appointment or delete the appointment.


Article Summary

You have now learned how you can check on the appointments that the students are scheduling with you.