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How do I share course materials with my colleagues?

You will learn about different options for sharing course materials with other faculty.

Sending a module or activity to another CSUF faculty

You can share a module or individual activity with other CSUF users. Details are available in the Canvas Module Guide.

"Send to" is highlighted in a Canvas Module

Using Canvas Commons

Canvas commons is a great option for sharing with multiple users. Details are available at Canvas Commons Guide.

Several sharing options are available including "Public" or "All of CSU Fullerton". Get details on the Canvas Commons sharing options at Canvas Commons Sharing Guide.

Arrow points to Commons menu item

Exporting a Canvas Course

Exporting a canvas course creates a portable file that can be stored on a computer or shared with colleagues through a file service like Dropbox. Get details at Canvas Course Export Guide.

Canvas backup files do not contain coursework or grades for individual students.

Export course content is highlighted

Enrolling a Course Designer

You can share materials by enrolling another CSUF user in the course. Steps for enrolling users (under the People menu) are available in our Enroll users in Canvas Course Guide.

The Designer role is often a great choice, because they can copy course materials but don't have access to grades. Get details on the Designer role at Canvas Designer Role Guides.

"Designer" is highlighted in the add users menu

Article Summary

You have learned about some options for sharing course materials with your colleagues.