How do I enroll a student into a course?

Enrollments for regularly scheduled courses are done automatically based on students enrolling in Titan Online. However, if you create a new course and want to enroll a student or faculty member, follow these steps.

1. Enter your course

course main page
People link

3. Click on + People.

+ People button

4. Type the student's email address.

Email Addresses field

Tip: Before you click on the Next button, select the Role that the user should have in your course. For example, if you want to enroll another faculty person in your course, you might select Designer. For a student, you should leave the Role setting at Student.

5. Click on Next.

Next button

6. Click on Add Users.

Add Users button

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enroll a student in your course.

People page showing student is now enrolled