How do I export my grades/gradebook?

You will learn how to export your grades (gradebook) from your course as a CSV file. This information will include student names, IDs, and all Assignments currently within the course.

If you prefer to utilize Excel to work on your course grades, you should first export the gradebook from your course, then manipulate that data. You can then use that same format to import your updated grades to your Canvas course gradebook.

1. Enter your course and click on Grades in the navigation menu.

Grades selected

2. Click on Actions.

Actions dropdown

3. Select Export Current Gradebook View.

Export Current Gradebook View selected

4. Double-click the CSV file to open it in Excel.

The file should download to your Downloads folder.

CSV file selected

For a more detailed guide, see this guide on How do I export grades in the Gradebook?

Article Summary

You have now learned how to export your gradebook, including the student roster, ID numbers and grades for each assignment.