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Why can't my students see the Comments I made in the SpeedGrader?

You will learn one reason why students might not be able to see the Comments that you have made for them in the SpeedGrader.

Student view of an assignment in SpeedGrader

This screenshot of the student's view of the assignment shows that the instructor's comment is not visible.

Student view of the assignment showing no comment

1. Go to the SpeedGrader for this assignment.

Does your comment for this student have an asterisk, does the comment have a pink background, is there a Submit button? The Submit button may or may not be there but if the comment has a colored background, then it is likely a saved draft of the comment.

Draft of saved comment

2. Click on the Submit button.

Submit button

3. The Comment should now be visible to your student.

Comment no longer has a pink background

The student should now be able to see the comment in the Assignment.

Note that it may take a few minutes before this comment becomes visible to the student.

Comment now visible to student

Article Summary

You have now learned one reason why your comments in SpeedGrader might not be visible to your students.