How do I check attendance after a Zoom meeting?

You will learn how to check attendance after you have a zoom meeting.

This report is available for all zoom meetings, recorded or not.

1. After logging in to the CSUF Portal, click on the search field and type "zoom".

Search field selected

2. Click on Web Meetings.

Web Meetings selected

3. Click on the CSUF Zoom Sign In button.

CSUF Zoom Sign In button selected

4. Click on Reports.

Reports link selected

5. Click on Usage.

Usage link selected

6. Click the calendar icon to find the Zoom meeting for which you want to check attendance.

Calendar icon selected

7. Click on the desired date.

February 5 is selected

8. Click on the Search button.

Search button selected

9. Scroll the gray bar on the bottom to the right.

Move sliding bar to the right

10. Click on Participants Source.

Participant Source Heading

11. Click on the "number" under Participants Source.

Number under ParticipantSource selected

12. The list of meeting participants displays.

The list will show the following information: name, last name, email, join time, leave time, duration (minutes) and whether the participants was a guest or not.

Column headers listed.

13. Names and last names are listed on the first column.

List of names
Would you like to export the list of participants?

1. Select the information you want to export.

You can filter some of the information before you export the list. There are two options: Export with meeting data or Show unique users options.

Filter options before exporting

2. Click on Export.

Export button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to check attendance after you have a zoom meeting and how to export the list.

You are done. Great job!