How do I embed a YouTube video in a Page?

You will learn how to embed a YouTube video in a Page. This technique will work for any Rich Content Editor in Canvas (Page, Discussion, Assignment, Quiz, etc.).

Follow these steps after you have already created a Page.

1. Enter your course.

course main page

2. Click on the Page you have already made.

Corona Virus Update page is selected

3. Click on Edit.

Edit button

4. In a new tab, go to the YouTube video you want to use.

YouTube is displayed in a new tab

5. Click on Share.

Share link

6. Click on Embed.

Embed button

7. Tick the box to Enable privacy-enhanced mode.

tick box for 'Enable privacy-enhanced mode'

8. Click on COPY.

COPY button

9. Click on the Three Dot menu.

Tip: if the Embed icon is displayed on the screen, go ahead and click on it.

Three Dots menu

10. Select the Embed icon.

Embed icon

11. Paste the embed code.

Embed Code field

12. Click on Submit.

Submit button

13. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button

14. The Page now displays with the video.

Page displays

Article Summary

You have now learned how you can embed a YouTube video within a Rich Content Editor, such as in a Page.